A good logistics company: what is important to pay attention to
A good logistics company: what is important to pay attention to

Choosing a good transport company to deliver goods from abroad is a difficult and responsible task. The modern transportation market is full of offers, but in the process of cooperation it may turn out that the customer is not at all satisfied with the quality of the services provided. Before choosing a distribute company, it is necessary to collect as much information as possible about it. You should also be interested in the feedback from customers who already have experience working with a particular company.

The reliability of the carrier and fulfillment of his obligations is considered one of the main criteria. Entrepreneurs trust logistics companies worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. And it is very important that the carrier delivers the goods to their destination safe and sound. Otherwise, the client will incur large losses.

Before choosing a transportation company, you should determine what tasks it will solve. The main task of this stage is to find a golden middle between the number of transport companies and the budget. In other words, to have some carriers and not spend too much money.

Form a strategy by answering three key questions:

  • what types of transportation you will use;
  • how many transport companies are you willing to work with (note that you need to find a replacement in case of an unforeseen situation for each carrier);
  • what is the logistics budget.

Please note that these parameters may change over time.

Depending on the set of tasks, it will become clear whether you call a general transport company or look for a niche solution: for example, a contractor for transportation of small volumes with strict observance of the temperature regime or companies working with groupage cargoes.

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