Belgian designer shops
Belgian designer shops

The travelers, who are in search of local stylish designer clothes, should visit the Rue Antoine-Dansaer Avenue. This promenade has shops of famous local designers, where customers are offered stylish stuff for any choice. An appealing detail of such designer stores is a cost-effective price, which is much lower in comparison with numerous well-known design salons in Europe.

Walking through Louise Avenue, don’t miss a chance to visit a store of the leading Belgian fashion designer Olivier Strelli. Here one can find not only clothes, but also shoes, accessories, bed linen. The designer’s taste is highly appreciated by both world celebrities and members of Royal families.

Bellerose is a Belgian clothing brand, which is deservedly proud of citizens. The first shop was opened in the late 80’s. At first, it was clothes only for men, but now anyone can find something for women and children. All shops usually occupy one or two floors in typical Brussels art Deco mansions. The store is designed for a buyer with an average income.

N.D.C. is a shop that sells the most comfortable shoes on earth. Perhaps the secret is that it is made by hand. Some features of the North European style like restrained, discreet colors, comfortable design, pleasant to the touch materials are visible in the models.

Accessories can be found at number 29 at Christa Reniers and Marianne Timperman.

If you decide to please yourself with a luxurious Belgian lace, then go to the brand store “Manufacture Belge de Dent” at Galerie de la Reine 6-8. Here one can purchase clothes, linen and interior items, made of the finest Belgian lace.

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