Chiara Lens: Bright Blue Eye Contact Lenses
Bright Blue Eye Contact Lenses

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with bright blue eyes? Many people dream to have the baby blue eyes that Taylor Swift shows off in all her music videos or the deep blue eyes of most Disney princesses we all grew up admiring. 

Whether you have brown, black, green, grey or hazel eyes, you can make your dream of having bright blue eyes come true with non-prescription contact lenses. These are colored contact lenses used to change the natural color of your irises in an instant. All you have to do is carefully put them on after having taken the necessary hygiene measures. And voila! The deal is done! You will be able to show off a whole new look. 

Bright blue contact lenses will add a shine to your usual appearance. They will add texture and dimension to your look, making you incredibly irresistible. So, if you want to make an unforgettable impression, this is the perfect color choice for you.

Types of bright blue eye contact lenses 

Mesmerizing blue contact lenses come in a variety of colors options. After all, there are many dimensions to the color blue. Different shades provide more options for anyone to decide what looks better for their skin tone, skin undertone, hair color or other features of the face such as eyebrows. 

One of the most versatile collections of bright blue contact lenses includes Dream Blue, Neptune Blue, Magic Blue, Elegant Blue, and Splendid Mint. 

The Dream Blue contact lenses are one-tone lenses that feature a unique design. The color they display in a sea blue, with a grey undertone.

The Neptune Blue contact lenses will give you a sensual look through the three-tones they encompass. These lenses have a defined limbal ring and an ombre effect of two colors that fade towards the center of the lens. 

The Magic Blue contact lenses feature a beautiful icy blue color that can naturally intensify your look. They are two-tone lenses, with a darker blue on the outer parts of the lens and a lighter blue, almost grey tone in the middle. 

The Elegant Blue contact lenses are two-tone contact lenses featuring a blue to green design. 

The Splendid Mint contacts are two-tone contact lenses with a mint shine on them. These are fun and playful lenses, perfect for those days when you want to feel and look carefree and relaxed.

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