Children’s shopping in Belgium: for small fashionista
Children's shopping in Belgium: for small fashionista

The Belgians are very fond of children. It is very convenient to do shopping with children there, even if you walk with a stroller. All shops are equipped with special ramps and elevators. For older children stores are often equipped with special places for games, where they can find toys to any taste.  In large shopping centers such as Ikea, you can leave the child in a special playroom with a nurse and quietly do shopping!

The visit of certain children’s shops, of course, depends on the family budget. If you want to buy good clothes for a little sum of money, then your way certainly lies in Zeeman or in Wibra. These are the most budget shops. The clothes are ranked by the child’s height. The average price for children’s underwear is 2 euros, for everyday clothes 5-8 euros per item and for outerwear is no more than 15 euros. Such shops are very popular among large families. There you can buy toys, pencils, pens for school and many other little things that children like.  Good shoes can be purchased in Brantano, Geox and Bent. Only be prepared with the fact that you have to pay from 60 euros and above for children’s shoes. The average price is 80 euros. That is why many parents try to buy shoes online.

There is another category of children’s clothing stores in Belgium, the so-called exclusive clothing. These include brands such as Petit Bateau Boetiek, Filou & Friends, Okapi, Fred & Ginger, Bollebuik and many others. Of course, all the shops in Belgium declare the reduction of prices. Feel free to divide all prices into two and come to Belgium in January and July — the season of discounts.