Choose the best hobby for you
Choose the best hobby for you

If you want to have an exciting business, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money and have a lot of free time. There are hundreds of activities that do not require special talents and are ideally combined with watching TV. Choosing what to do at home, women primarily consider hobbies related to needlework. Do not think that needlework is always knitting or sewing. Today, hundreds of old techniques have been revived and many new ones that are interesting to women of all ages have been invented. 

Kanzashi is fascinating transformation of available satin ribbons into luxurious flowers and more complex crafts. On the basis of kanzashi people make fashionable hair clips and headbands for hair, brooches and jewelry for clothes, paintings and various home decor.

Biscornuy is still not a very popular, but fascinating home-grown hobby combining origami, sewing and embroidery. The result is interesting needle beds that can be presented as souvenirs.

Tired of “ordinary” knitting or “simple” drawing? Try embroidering your own masterpiece – not ordinary, but “diamond” and able to replace the real picture. Diamond painting is a rather young kind of needlework; it was invented in China about 3 years ago. Once a little-known hobby today is rapidly conquering the world, attracting more and more fans. Spectacular paintings in diamond technology look like factory work, and only if you look closely it becomes clear that thousands of faceted plastic rhinestones are laid out manually. If you are going to start diamond painting for the first time, it’s better to stock up not only with tweezers, but also with a glue stick – its sticky tip is very convenient and you can easily bring the diamond to the glue base without dropping it on the table or floor.

Image by tengdu xiao from Pixabay

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