In the world of milking technology – traditions and modernity
In the world of milking technology - traditions and modernity

The cost of obtaining milk and the health of the udder is decisively influenced by the technique used. Along with the technical parameters, the philosophy of the manufacturer, its attitude towards the client and the level of the service offered play an important role in choosing a milking installation.

According to experts, well-structured and highly productive livestock farms in Europe at a purchase price of 0.36 euros per liter of milk – it is difficult to expect more in the near future with global competition in this industry – they can work quite efficiently! To do this, developers, as well as manufacturers of milking machines and related equipment, such as Fullwood Packo, should help the farmer create an environment for animals that suits their needs. This applies to herds of 5 dairy cows in developing countries, and to highly productive enterprises in regions with a large livestock of dairy cattle. Due to the globalization demand for increased productivity, the number of dairy enterprises is declining, and the number of highly productive animals in them is growing.

Through its sales and service partners, the equipment manufacturer consults the milk producer at the design stage of the livestock complex. All this is combined with loose housing and livestock boxes. Then there is a selection of milking machines, vacuum pumps, cleaning devices, milk cooling plants, equipment for the preparation and distribution of feed, automatic drinkers and a suitable herd management system. Along with this, consultations are being held on the creation of comfortable conditions for animals, disease prevention and health monitoring, barn hygiene and equipment, as well as the use of assistive devices to facilitate work.

Image by Couleur from Pixabay