Shopping in Belgium – where and what to buy
Shopping in Belgium - where and what to buy

Shopping in Belgium is a reasonable ratio between the range, quality and price, where the main thing is to know where to buy. Brussels is perfect for shopping. There are more than 140 shopping districts in the capital.

The city may be divided into two main shopping areas. The first is the Rue Neuve Street, which is situated to the north of the main square of the city, Grand Place. This district is focused on the shops with very affordable prices. There are two huge shopping centers – Inno and City2. If one wants to buy everything quickly and in one place, it is better to go there. The other districts are Avenue Louise and Boulevard de Waterloo. There one can visit boutiques of well-known brands like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Gucci, Valentino and Christian Dior.

The paradise for shopaholics in Brussels can be the place, called the Royales Saint-Hubert Galleries, which are located at the Galerie de la Reine 5. It is not only the largest shopping center of the capital, but also a historical and architectural complex. Several galleries are under one roof, which is made of glass. Here one can find boutiques of famous brands, souvenirs, luxury perfumes, jewelry and home goods.

All lovers of flea market should visit Place du Grand Sablon. This antique market is the most popular not only within the country but also throughout Europe. Every weekend, the square gathers avid collectors from many countries. Maasmechelen village is an outlet center that has been operating for more than 25 years. This place is popular among tourists due to the excellent choice of goods and favorable offers for guests of the country. Speaking of national edible Belgian souvenirs, that are more popular among tourists, it is worth to mention chocolate, waffles and cheese.