Tax free system for buyers in Brussels
Tax free system for buyers in Brussels

If you are not a citizen of the European Union, you are entitled to a VAT refund while purchasing goods in Belgium. What should be taken into account by every customer, engaged in shopping in Belgium?

– The standard VAT rate is 21%, for food and books – 6%;

– The minimum purchase amount should be 125.01 euros;

– Refunds cannot be obtained for services and purchased tobacco;

– Exported items must not be used until VAT is returned;

– Export should be carried out in personal baggage.

Tax free form is legitimate for three years since the moment of issue. The document becomes valid only if the original cash receipt is attached to it and there are no names of the purchased items on the blanket. It is important to have the unchanging name of the buyer specified on the form and the cash receipt. The receipt of photocopies of cash receipts without written confirmation is impossible. It is mandatory to possess a written confirmation and mark “KOPIE”.

Stages of operating tax free system

First, every customer should do shopping in Belgium. In this case, the store must have the logo Tax Free Shopping. The seller must provide a special form while paying for the purchase. The shape can be white or blue. Each column should be filled with printed Latin letters, without corrections. The customer service will put a seal on the form after providing a full tax free form, cashier’s checks, passport and new, unused goods by customer. The form can also be sent by E-mail. The money will be returned in cash or to a credit card. Having fulfilled these conditions, one can get the possibility of a VAT refund.