What kind of souvenirs to bring back from Belgium?
What kind of souvenirs to bring back from Belgium

Any trip cannot be fully completed without buying special souvenirs. They keep the memory of an unforgettable journey and serve as a present for the loved ones. Each country has its own unique items and Belgium is not an exception.

The country of chocolate

Belgian chocolate is not inferior to its Swiss friend. The praline — almond filling for sweets was invented in Belgium. Today the annual production of chocolate in the country is more than 220 thousand tons. The Belgians themselves cannot imagine their lives without this delicacy and express their respect, even by opening a real chocolate Museum in Brussels.

If you have visited Belgium but have not tried the local waffles, consider that you have not been there. This confectionery creation is served not only with fruit, chocolate, berry fillers, but also with cheese and fish filling.

When it comes to a quality cheese, many of us remember the Netherlands with countless cheese makers throughout the country. However, Belgium is in no way inferior to its Dutch neighbor. These Belgian cheeses, like Orval, Ramudu and Limburger have long won the hearts of gourmets with its unique taste.

Once Belgian lace was an attribute of aristocrats, but today it can be bought as a gift by any traveler. The center of lace production is the city of Bruges, but the works of masters are available in specialized Brussels stores.

As a souvenir, you can bring tablecloths, bed linen, pajamas and even the whole outfits, decorated with lace. There are a number of standard Souvenirs from Belgium that can be bought as a gift. Brussels’ famous Manneken Pis statue in miniature form is the main hit of sales. A statuette in the form of an Atomium, the second business card of Brussels, is in a great demand.