Where to find famous handmade Belgian chocolate?
Where to find famous handmade Belgian chocolate

Shopping in Belgium begins, of course, with the famous Belgian chocolate, so if you are planning to buy, get ready for a large variety of pastry shops and chocolate boutiques.

Chocolate boutique “Planet chocolate” was opened in 1991. It unites a team of six of the best Belgian masters working in accordance with the ancient traditions of cooking this delicacy. After all, chocolate is prepared here from 100 percent cocoa butter, without the addition of GMO and preservatives.  Looking into this delicious place, you can also attend a seminar and a demonstration of the preparation of this delicacy. Every Saturday at 16:00 there is an excursion into the old history of chocolate, as well as the secrets of cooking.

The most exquisite and without a doubt the most expensive chocolate brand produces “Wittamer”. It is a family business that is over a hundred years old. Even the smallest candy from this manufacturer is a real work of art, not only in taste, but also in appearance. It is the exclusive confectionery house that supplies chocolate for the Royal family.

“Chocopolis” is the largest chocolate boutique in Belgium. This store is a unique house of Belgian exceptional chocolate. There is a chocolate factory inside the boutique. The production of store consists of more than eighty tasty variations, from simple to the most unusual flavors.

“Chocolate Line” confectionery in Bruges is one the most popular shops in Belgium for the production and sale of brown sweet. Its interior is truly impressive; there is a wide variety of wooden racks, where chocolate products of various shapes are laid out. Due to the fact that the design is dominated by wooden parts, it is very warm and cozy.