Which CNC Machine Should Choose: Laser or Milling Machine?
cnc laser machine

Perhaps there is no one left who works with wood in this or that field or as a hobby, who would not have heard about modern CNC technologies and machines under their control. The rapidly falling prices for them and the increase in capacities and capabilities make the production of really high-quality wood products more and more affordable, the production of which would previously have required a lot of experience and time.

But very often the question arises about what exactly to buy: a CNC laser machine or a milling machine?

What is a CNC machine?

CNC technology is used in many types of machine tools: metal cutters, 3D printers, laser engravers, milling machines for wood and stone, and many others.

wood engraving made by cnc machine

Photo by Alexandre Debiève on Unsplash

The essence of the CNC is that the same tools, like a milling cutter or a laser beam, are controlled during operation not by a person manually, but according to a predetermined program in special graphical applications.


Judging by the possibility of manufacturing large products, milling machines are more profitable compared to laser ones.

With the same size of the working field, laser machines are much more expensive. We are talking about semi-professional CNC machines.

Which is easier to master?

A CNC laser machine is easier to master. But he is at the same time more capricious to environmental conditions, stress and other moments. And the milling machine is mostly mechanics.

person working with cnc machine

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Laser or milling? What to buy for faster earnings on the tree?

A person who has no experience in the production of wooden products can be tormented by this question for a long time.

The masters say that both machines are needed for full-fledged work and the provision of services in this area. But let’s be realistic and try to decide on one thing, since the budget of a novice master is extremely limited.

Depending on what products you want to make on the machine, what experience and budget you have, your choice will be made on that.

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