Why Does Business Need A Five-Factor Personality Model?

The Big Five Persoonlijkheidstest testing method considers personality as a structure of traits (factors) of different levels. A trait is considered to be the ability of a person to behave in a similar way in different situations. The Big Five identifies five such traits: they combine groups of lexical definitions that defining character. Theу are the following features:

  • extraversion (factor E);
  • goodwill (factor A);
  • integrity (factor C);
  • neuroticism (factor N);
  • openness to experience (factor O).

Why does business need the Big Five model?

The five-factor personality model allows to make predictions about whether an employee will interact with a team or choose a single job, realize talents or set up for a routine. The manager should know which character traits of the candidate are good for a particular position. There is no need to accept a person with high test scores for a locksmith vacancy: there is no place for leadership and excessive activity in work, there are few opportunities for growth. Consequently, a person will get bored and will soon quit. Still, the art director of a creative agency should not be an introvert. Shyness and unwillingness to communicate in situations where it is necessary to intersect with people are unacceptable.

There are no bad or good personality types. Just as there are no pure personality types in the moment: in different periods of life, a person’s worldview changes. It is important to conduct a test every few years to understand how to contact employees and determine who has outgrown the position. This is the only way you will be able to manage effectively and have a constant team of motivated employees.

Questionnaires based on the big five factors allow us to give a reliable forecast of a person’s success in a particular position. They provide an opportunity to identify potential, discover hidden destructive behaviours, understand motives and values, and determine the style of decision-making.

Image by Kampus Production from Pexels